Continue Choosing Right

By Rev. Dennis White

If you have been reading these articles regularly you know last week's article was "Your Choice." You read that no matter what people do to you or no matter your circumstance, you always have Choices.

Choices in your attitude in how you are going to feel and respond. Choices to complain or be thankful. Choices to covet or be content. Choices to be critical or love. Choices to doubt God or have faith in Him.

Regardless of what is happening there is one thing that all of us as humans have and that is the power of our choices. We are able to choose many options in every thing we do. We have a choice in how and what our response will be.

We choose what to eat, wear, look, and how to behave. We choose our attitude and the direction in which we will take it. We choose our response to every thing regardless of what it is. It is completely our choice.

In Genesis 2:15-17, God made man and woman then placed them in the garden of Eden. There both were given unlimited options of choices. "Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat," Genesis 2:6.

They could freely eat anything they wanted. They could come and go freely like we can today. They could do what ever they like. They could choose any and everything but one. They had many many choices they could make except one.

Anything they wanted except eat from the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. They could select anything because everything God had made was good except one. God gave them free choice.

Like Adam and Eve we have the ability of free will to choose(Choice). But in our choices there is always results (Consequences). The Lord will bless us (Commendation) or discipline (Chastisement).
Principle illustrated:

1]. Choices
2]. Consequences
a).Commendation or b).Chastisement

You see my friend we are created in the image of God and making choices is one of those benefits. God's choices are unlimited because he is infinite. Our choices are limited because we are finite.

Proverbs 23:7 "As a man(person) thinks in his heart so is He(their actions)..." Right thinking result in right actions or choices. When a person is born again they have the ability to think right. They have the power to choose things God's way.

Choices of where we stand have a way of showing up over time. Like a man was going to attend a Halloween party dressed in a costume of the devil.
On his way it began to rain, so he darted into a church where a revival meeting was in progress. At the sight of his devil's costume, people began to scatter through the doors and windows.

One lady got her coat sleeve caught on the arm of one of the seats and, as the man came closer, she pleaded, "Satan, I've been a member of this church for twenty years, but I have really been on your side all the time."

We have practiced making bad choices for so long that we think we have no other selections, but to keep picking what is bad. God wants you to realize you can change that way of thinking with His help.

Past practices do not have to continue unless you want to change it. Our thinking determines our actions. Right thinking will result in right conduct. Wrong thinking will result in wrong conduct.

Another example from the Old Testament that reflects the choices we make are Abraham and Lot in Genesis 13:1-18. Abraham was gracious to let Lot pick the best land verses 6 through 11.

Abraham let Lot choose the place in which he wanted to dwell and Abraham chose after him. Verse 8 & 9 says, "So Abram said to Lot. Please let there be no strife between you and me and between my herdsmen and your herdsmen: for we are brethen. Is not the whole land before you? Please separate from me. If you take the left, then I will go to the right or if you go to the right then I will go to the left."

Lot picked the plain of Jordon that was well watered like a garden. He picked that which appeared to be the better land. His choice seemed to be the best, but later we find how bad that choice was with sinfulness of the people of Sodom.

Lot pitch his tent in the plains near Sodom. It was his choice. Lot began selecting the wrong choice and continued to select wrong choices that got him deeper and deeper in a sinful environment. Remember our lives are nothing more than the sum total of our decisions.

Bad choices will led to the consequences of God's chastisement. Our bad choices has led to us having a bad attitude toward life. Wrong choices make us live in a bad environment.

Lot is a very good example of the sum total of wrong decisions in life which led to the break up and destruction of his home. Abraham however showed us the sum total of good decisions that led to commendation from God.

Abraham continued to make the right choices. Are you choosing the right choices in life to please God? Do you understand that right choices only come from having the right relationship with God?

If you are not forgiven of your Sin, then you are not right with God. How do you do this getting right with God? Well first you must recognize that you're a Sinner and need God's work which is through Jesus Christ on the cross for the forgiveness of your sin.

When this has been done, then you will have the power to choose right. If you are already saved then you have the power to continue choosing right.

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