Who is Christ of Christmas?

By Rev. Dennis White

Who is Christ that we celebrate the holiday Christmas for? Who is this person called Jesus the Christ, that we should annually recognize his birthday? Can you answer that for yourself?

Don't let Christmas come and go this year until you answer these questions about who is Christ? Just like the shepherds in St. Luke 2:1-20, who had to make a decision when the news from the angels was given about Christ's birth.

Immediately the Shepherds realized that this news didn't need to be hidden. The world needed to know that the redeemer for sin had come to earth. News about the Saviour always merit action in telling others.

In reverence and respect the shepherds went and looked to see the baby Jesus. There in the manger wrapped in swaddling clothes they found the baby Jesus just as the angels had said. It was true. Everything was just as they were told , exactly. Jesus's arrival as Saviour was fulfilled and foretold by scriptures.

The shepherds left glorifying and praising God for all that they had heard and seen, St. Luke 2:20. When we have heard and gain knowledge of God's report about Jesus Christ, we have a choose to believe it or not. If we really believe it, we will tell others.

If we believe, we will be witnesses to tell others about Jesus the Christ. Do you have a desire to share the news about Christ with others? If not, maybe you have not understood the news about Christ and his purposes for coming into this world for sin.

Any one that does not respond with excitement and joy after hearing they have just won 4 million dollars does not understand what they just heard. If they don't tell someone after hearing they have just won 4 million dollars then something is wrong.

Anything of importance like winning 4 million dollars, will be told to other people because of your excitement. In light of what Christ has done for us through his birth, his death, and his ressurrection, we should want to regularly share with others. Just as the angel said in St. Luke 2:10, "unto them fear not for, behold I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people."

  1. Fear not
  2. Behold (Look)
  3. Good tidings (The Gospel)
  4. to All people

The shepherds were given a assignment of what the great commission to come will be for us Christians. They were told to not be Afraid, and Behold(Look), and give the Good News(Gospel) to All people. Christians are challenged to assume the same mission as the shepherds did. To testify to the great good news of Salvation.<

God the father sent Jesus to be the perfect sacrifice for humanity. Christ's birth, death, and ressurrection was God reaching out to you and me. The question is, Do you believe it? Are you celebrating the Christ of Christmas? Placing your faith in Him will be demonstrated by your actions. What you say will be shown.

Like the phone ringing at the church office. "Hello is this Reverend Dan Persist?" the caller asks. "It is," the Reverend says. "This is the Internal Revenue Service. We wonder if you can help us?" the caller asks. "Do you know Herman Cohen?"
"I do," the preacher response. "Is this man a member of your congregation?" the I.R.S. agent asks. "He is," says the preacher. "Did he donate $10,000?" asked the agent. The Reverend Persist responded, "He will, he will."

Do you understand the commitment you made when Christ became your savior? Now it is time to put action to it and allow Christ to be Lord. Allow Christ to be the Lord over your entire life. Lord over all things small or great in your life. Include Christ first in everything you do.

How are you celebrating Christmas? There was once some parents that held a birthday party for their little baby boy. Guest were invited for the birthday occasion and all that was invited came to celebrate.
When the guest got there they all noticed something strange. They noticed that the baby for whom the party was held was not present. So they asked the parents, "Where is the baby?"
The parents responded, "We have dropped the baby off at the babysitters. She is taking care of him until the party is over. After the party we will pick him up." "Why?" the guest asked. They said, "Because the baby would be in the way."

This would defeat the whole purpose of having the birthday party for the baby if he is not present. It would be ridiculous! It would be silly to celebrate the baby's birthday without his presence. Yet many people are doing that this Christmas year without Christ.

If you can celebrate Christmas without knowing Christ as your Saviour then you are doing this exact illustration the parents are doing without their baby boy being there. It is not the gift under the wood tree we should be thankful for but the gift on the wood tree.

"For the wages of sin is death: but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord," Romans 6:23. The free gift has been given by God have you recieved it?

Some people don't want Christ Jesus at their party. They only want him when the party is over then they want to pick him up. Some don't want Jesus present because hating is at the party. Some don't want Jesus present because lying is at the party.
Some don't want Jesus at the party because fornication is there. Some don't want Jesus there because drugs use is there. Some because coveting what others have is there. Some because other Gods are first at the party.<

Some of us don't want Jesus Christ at the party because we like sin to much. He would be in the way of what we want to do. He would be in the way of our lust. He would be in the way of our envy. Our selfishness, our unloving attitude, and our sinful actions.

The party is our life. The way we live symbolizes the party we are hosting falsely for Christ. Yet we are really having the party for our self. We know many of the things we are doing at this party Christ would not be please with.

Therefore we prefer to leave Him out. When Christ is not the Lord of our life we will not invite Him to be involved in nothing we do. He is Holy and we know that He will always point to the sin we are doing. If Christ is not pointing to the sin in your life, then maybe you don't belong to Him.
Is Christ the Christ of your Christmas?

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