Christmas Time

By Rev. Dennis White

During the holidays this year remember the real reason for the season. And that reason is Christ Jesus that came into our world and lived among us for thirty some odd years to show us what God the Father was like. He died for the sins of the world so that you and I would have a right to the tree of everlasting life, forever.

Christmas time is God's time. God picked the moment when He would split time, history, and everything to come into the world He created and reveal Himself to mankind. From eternity to a specific time He chose to take on human flesh. Why you might ask?

The reason Christ came to earth was to bring peace to all who would believe in Him. He came to die for sin and sinners. They shall have peace of mind, peace of heart, and most of all peace with God. Jesus came to seek and to save the lost,(Luke 19:10). In doing so, He brought eternal peace of God to our sinful souls. Jesus is referred to by Isaiah as the Prince of Peace,(Isaiah 9:6). God has reconciled us back to Himself with peace,(Colossians 1:19,20).

If you do not have peace doing this holiday season ask yourself if you are anxious about Christ? Our minds on anything else but Christ will give us worries, fears, frustrations, and anxiety. Loneliness, hopelessness, and doubt also rob us of our peace. When these things are in our Christmas season then that's proof Christ is not the dominate thing on our minds.

If you don't have the peace of God then perhaps two things are apparent. First, perhaps you are a Christian but you are not letting your mind rest on Christ and His work. Second, you are not a Christian and need God's redeeming work in your heart and mind. You need to examine your self this season to see where you are with the Lord, (1 Cor. 11:28).

Some believers who have not allowed God's peace into their lives experience inner turmoil and anxiety. Only saved persons who have a intimate knowledge of Jesus Christ can experience His true peace. This peace is never based on what they have or can do or achieve. It is based on what He did by coming in our world as a baby. Growing to become a sinless man and dying on the cross and then buried and the third day ressurrected to everlasting life. Believing this is the power for the peace of God.

We as Christians sometimes misinderstand what God has done for us. This illustration of misunderstanding things comes to mind.

"I'm sorry you don't like my Christmas gift," the aunt said to her nephew. She continues,"But I asked if you preferred large checks or a small checks." He replied, "I know, but I didn't think you meant neckties."

And that is the way a lot of people are with the wrong understanding of Christmas. Misunderstanding the very purpose for the season. Misunderstanding the reason for Christ Jesus coming into the World.

Christmas time is God's time. There was no easy way for God to be identified with mankind except He become a man. God chose the best and only way. God chose everything from Mary, to Bethlehem, and to a manager. He made His choice of the time and the place. All we have to do in our hearts is agree with Him.

Just remember that everything is in God's time when doubt fear, confusion and anxiety come this season. It's Christ's time not (Put Your Name)'s Time. Christ is your reminder that God is in control. He is your peace. Yield to His eternal plan in your mind for your life. This Christmas as you celebrate God's Son birthday ask the Father to give you His peace, His love, and His desires. Realize it's Christmas time which demonstrates God's mighty love toward us as He reveals the Christmas story to the world.

Do you really understand the meaning of "Christmas Time"?

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